Thoughts need to b spoken

Grades are getting low the teens are getting high

That 12 year old is pregnant as her parents wonder why?

A ist grade is swearing a third grade has been raped

Just take a look around you isn’t the system great

Who isn’t faded these days teens are sending nudes ,kids are getting beaten the teachers see the brushes

No calls for help and spoken teens are smoking weed young girls are cutting this isn’t what we need

The marks of taunt and yelling parents are devorced that 14 year old z drinking beer this can’t get any worse.

A lilltle girl has killed herself nobody seems to care another kid has been expelled for a stupid dare but it needs to change

Our world is officially broken its time to take a stand your thoughts need to be spoken………



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My hostel life

My Hostel life!!!!!!!!!!!
First thing that flickers through my mind when I think about hostel is the late night chats, long gossip sessions, jokes that makes us roll on the floor laugh and so on  For residential students, hostel is definitely a home away from home swt home.. It’s a place where you get inspired and also you inspire others Studying in a group with hot cups of coffee and Lays  packets that gets empty as soon as it is opened lol, occasional jokes to overcome sleep, with a soft melody playing uno Then, of course the wonderful ahhh bunch of people who make you feel worthwhile, who add bright colours to the white canvas of your lives, who hold your hand when you need support, who help you in studies and loads of assignments and home works that goes without saying it is definitely a place where sense of brotherhood, mutual cooperation and healthy competition is nurture Hostel life gives you wings We become our own masters We learn to manage everything ourselves starting from washing clothes, managing pocket money, managing time and studies. Thus hostel life brings out the manager in you in spite of strict rules and regulations. The things that you get to learn in hostel are endless, fitness tips, early morning jogs and number of languages from students from far across the water under the deep blue ocean under the open sky, gives you a glimpse of the great  diversity.Hostel life is like the two sides of a coin… It’s a place where you can enjoy life. But at
the same end  There are chances that you
may get negatively influenced by people and
finally end up in tears, loose hope and end up
being depressed thinking about the
opportunities that you didn’t explore
despite its knocking at your door
For me hostel life is a treasure trove of
memories that’s gonna last a life The Goodbyes: No matter how hard it is
living with a bunch of strangers for years,
it is painful to say goodbye. Life at
Hostel is full of memories
cherished to be forever – minus the encounters with the warden ………..!!!


I me myself

I’m me Young wild and free ;p

I love being called pretty  but I ‘ll never believe it
I’m not always right but hate admitting I’m wrong….;)
I’m almost always smiling  but its not me always real……!
I can b read like an open book but still many flipping pages has hidden stories lol…..

I’m not perfect my hair doesn’t stay in place bcz I constantly keep on playing with it heee heee I spill things a lot .I’m pretty clumsy and sometimes I have a broken heart …;( poor me

Sometimes I fight and may b some days nothing goes right .
but when I think about it and take a step back remember how amazing life truly is  and that may b just may b I LOVE BEING UNPERFECT………..

I’m unique I’m different I’m limited edition because there’s only one me in middle of a billion people on this earth…..

I’m me and honey that something you ‘ll never be….


Being singles isn’t that bad it is a nice sense of irresponsibility at times I talk to myself cause I need often expert advice……..
I am who I am love me r not I wont change myself …………
i’m proud of my self r u… !
Take me me as i am r watch me as i go……….lol


Frnz for life

Here goes zoom one more for u tan tanaaaa  …….
Being the best is maybe not the best,
Maybe you don’t know that you’re
stepping on something;
Instead of your friendship goes on it
may goes like a bell ringing,
But I’ll always be here to help the best.
Sadness? Nah not at all Let’s have fun,smoke huka late night gossips
Tears, shhh no ways no problem I’ll wipe it with my hands;
I’ll risk everything to make you happy he hee like to make u fool aroun lol
Life is full of ups and downs remember that; ahh don’t count it
Always smile when you go up and try to do better when you go down;
Remember that every time you try you’re narrowing the gap;
When you feel that you’re about to give up just remember why you started.You’re always be my true fiend;
I’ll always be here beside you;
Let’s complete a journey called life
together; A friend that helps you when you’re in
need is a friend in deed and you’re one of that. A big hugg to all


Hey here goes one more to u guys ……Being the best is maybe not the best,
Maybe you don’t know that you’re
stepping on something;
Instead of your friendship goes on it
may goes like a bell ringing,
But I’ll always be here to help the best.
Sadness?nahh not at all  Let’s have fun, smoke hukaa late night talks
Tears,shhhh no ways  no problem I’ll wipe it with my
I’ll risk everything to make you happy; like pulling ua uncombed hair Life is full of ups and downs remember that but Always smile when you go up and try to
do better when you go down;
Remember that every time you try you’re narrowing the gap. When you feel that you’re about to give
up just remember why you started.
You’re always be my true fiend;
I’ll always be here beside you;
Let’s complete a journey called life
together A friend that helps you when you’re in


need is a friend in deed and you’re one of that.a big hug to all ………

Teenage Drama’s

Random and crazy never pretended someone else getting tanned by sun once school gets over dreaming about Mr perfect ahhhh life was damn free where i was free to be with my own thoughts day dreams home work pencils and pocket full of erasers. Messy hair, tank top, torn shorts was the coolest dress code running on highways mid night movie shows teasing fighting was the work to do learning GK playing pin page games writing with ink on school shirts was the craziest fun ever favorite food was chinese favorite color was pink listening  loud music was all time in promising on each mid term now i will start serious studying haa haaaaa which never happen’t till now 

Boy drama can be suckish well every one has either beautiful or ugly love story fighting with the loved one and to get separate was the biggest ever heart break which crushed my soul and broke my heart  flipping pages of teenage may somehow hurt make upset an piss me off but got over it within time wounds got healed …….

Never used to b in best mood all the time some things used to haunt some dreams made me to sleep 24*7 🙂 sometimes family and friends think they did something when they actually  didn’t but i’m not in a bad mood always i do have my happy moments 😉 🙂

Friends are always the best part either school mates or childhood friends used to hang out all the time sing make them bugged hee heee a lot happen’t since high school gained true friends and lost the once that weren’t true and since that happen’t life became peaceful no dramas no stress which was good for me………

knocking out people completely of life u may think isn’t healthy to do but you can do it if you have some people that weren’t true ………. 

Go through below it may help u…….

Surround yourself with positive people. Spend time with those people who truly love you, support you, and want the best for you. They trust in you and your ability to be, to do, and to have anything in life. Avoid those who don’t trust in your ability, who look down on you, who are jealous, who are negative, etc. Avoid those people who are not supportive.


forgive  yourself for all the mistakes, regrets, shames, and everything. Leave the past behind and be present with your new day. Today is your day. It is time to move forward. Just do it. 

Self care is very important. Set up some time to be by yourself, just by yourself. Do something that gives you peace, love, and joy with yourself. You can nurture yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

from teenager 




Suitcase full of memories

Born n brought up in heaven enjoyed my golden days at home with parents still remember my childhood how notorious i was ringing bell of neighbours was the best thing to annoy neighbours plaging hide n seek was the only game to play being always topper of the class was my parents pride brought up much more like a queen loved by each member of the family  it was the most beautiful part of my life wow  as soon as I finished 10 class had to leave everything sounds weird anyway I had a long way to go……..

Packed bags and my accessories however  the reality is that I can’t actually pack the things that matter the most.My sisiters voice my mothers worried frown when she thinks I’m overworked. Ahhhhhh long honest conversations fun around with old friends  the innate comfort of my pink room had to leave now poor me ;(

Beyond through every bout of home sickness, my family tree, the street I live, traditions of Kashmir was all which I was gonna miss damn………
I make my way to this insight as my mother reads ayat-ul-kursi loud for me n waved her hand bye mehreen come back with lot of new things nd I turned back smiled n said ye mom I’m your son will never let u down trust me…….

August 2012 I reached nama city Bangalore lot of unknown faces around everything was different but the best part was I get adjusted and mingle soon with people around the first day I entered Brindavan belive me was breathless for a while more like a zoo monkeys around haaa haaa small campus full of foreigners but then still it was the place where i got friends from different countries.
I got sweetest rommie ever on planet we  shared laughed we had fun around she used to get up for pooja and used to wisper in my ear mahi wake up n pray ahhhhh that was the thing which touched my soul she became the wow part of my life yeee it was none othdr than Manisha singh clicking pichas playing uno cards making our own laws in game was fun actually lol

I met many gentle man’s those who were really down to earth, adorable and out of all where I literally felt I’m safe Hayat ,Zainullah, Hugue, Moutaz,& Fareed I respect them beneath core of my heart the first met during trip of pune made us close an unforgatable bond which cannot b break n I named it as “FAMILY” we r more like family we learn we any member utters a word we respect each others culture we celebrate festivals of differnt places we kneely observe things around discuss hell many things well that is why still if we are different but yet so close yet too honest..
My laughing Buddha of family is “Manisha subba “a lilltle angel from ‘Bhutan ‘ such a clean hearted female I ve never seen ever till now she cares for everyone no matter who I guess she is using surf excl that is the reason behind her clean crystal heart which doesn’t have hatred for anyone

Diva of my world “karma zangmu ” she has got damn patience pretty smile n beautiful looks I personally love her the most dnt know y?

I came empty hand to this place nothing was with me apart from my certificates but when the three years passed like blinking of an eye tears roll down how to leave this place god how to go how to live without oll what I got here we all will go back from where we came three years were like owsem speachless my laduge z full of memories that is what we all got by being together…..

Hope u all liked this
From my heart
Family <






An ordinary girl with extraordinary friends. What else can I wish for